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“Serve the LORD with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”  (Psalm 100:2, KJV)

It is a sad day, indeed, when we — for reasons I cannot begin to fathom — stop singing.

We sing as children, and love it.  In fact, who among us doesn’t remember the songs we learned and used to sing as children?

We hear birds sing, and love it.  In fact, their melodies are particularly welcome in the early Spring, when we yearn for any sign of warmer weather.

Most of us are fans of other people’s singing; but God has given each one of us a voice, and He delights in hearing our voices in song.  You needn’t sing like Adele.  You needn’t sound like Sinatra.  What to sing?  Sing of His faithfulness.  Sing of His love.  Sing of His greatness, His mercy, and His care of us.

Just sing.  It is music to our heavenly Father.  – Luther

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“Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.”  (Psalm 100:2, KJV)

Is there gladness in your service?

Most of us take note when we’ve been attended to by a waiter in a restaurant, or a clerk in a retail store, who was glad in our service.  It arrests our attention; it lifts our spirit; it transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

As you approach your tasks today — working as for the Lord — will you bring gladness to the task?

Will your interaction with others today — serving each as you would Jesus — transform the ordinary into the extraordinary because of your attitude?  – Luther

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“Why, Lord, do you stand far off?  Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?”  (Psalm 10:1, NIV)

There are times in life, as the psalmist in today’s scripture states, when it seems that God has departed on vacation; or is asleep; or is indifferent to our suffering.  But don’t be fooled: God has not forgotten us, nor has He deserted us.

In such times, we need only reflect on our own personal history with our heavenly Father: The times when we thought Him late, but He was already at the point of decision — waiting.  The times when we thought Him absent, but only because He was standing behind us. . . out of view. . . guarding our blind side.  The times when we thought He was indifferent to our suffering, but He sent others to encourage us, to comfort us, to hold us; to hear us; and to wipe our tears.

No one loves us like our heavenly Father.  No one.  – Luther

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