Holy Holy Week: Musical Encouragement

Luther’s note:  As we enter the second day of Holy Week, our attention is fixed on the passion of our Lord.

Many of you wrote me after hearing last Monday’s “musical encouragement.” (Thank you!) The group that recorded “It is Well with My Soul,” during the limitations of the Covid pandemic — The David Wesley Virtual Choir — has since gone on to record other hymns in the A Capella style that allows us to hear music from the world’s first instrument: The human voice.

As we ponder the valleys and the mountains of our Savior during this week of reflection, prayer, and re-commitment; I hope the words of the hymn, “Christ Alone,” will help prepare your mind and heart to receive (as John the Baptist proclaimed upon first seeing Jesus), “The Lamb of God, Who takes away the sin of the world.”

Without Him, we have nothing. With Him, we have everything.

Click here, and be encouraged by the matchless love of God for us — in Christ alone. Have a blessed week!

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