God always answers the prayers of His children.

Sometimes, it is within the plan of God to deliver His child from peril or difficulty.  To be sure, it is a gift beyond words to be delivered from illness, injury, and death.  More times than we realize, God’s hand has delivered us from difficulties, danger, disease, and from death.

Yet, sometimes it is within the plan of God to deliver His child through the peril or the difficulty looming before us.  Even here — perhaps, particularly here — we are not alone in our suffering.  As God did for His only begotten Son in the crisis reflected in today’s scripture, God will also do for you when you allow Him to work through you for His purposes.  He will give you evidence of His presence; and He will strengthen you with His strength!

Fear not!  Whether “from” or “through,” God’s presence and God’s provision are always — always — ours when we confess: “Yet not my will, but Yours be done.”  – Luther

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