TGIF: Musical Encouragement!

Luther’s note:  Today’s encouragement came to me two years ago from my good friend and fellow Kansan, Todd L. as we were in the initial weeks of the Covid19 pandemic and the virus mitigations of distance and face masks.  Today, with regards to the pandemic, we seem to be in a better place (may the Lord be praised).  Our musical encouragement is a rendition of Horatio Spafford‘s hymn, “It is Well With My Soul,” performed by a large group of Nashville, Tennessee-based singers who — with respect to Covid19 physical distancing guidelines — did their respective solo parts on their cellphones. The “parts” were then engineered by sound and video technicians and the result is truly arresting! 

Click here, and be encouraged by our eternal Hope — even in the midst of other perils and challenges.

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