“King Balak flew into a rage against Balaam.  He angrily clapped his hands and shouted, ‘I called you to curse my enemies!  Instead, you have blessed them three times.  Now get out of here!  Go back home!  I promised to reward you richly, but the LORD has kept you from your reward.’”   (Numbers 24:10-11, NLT)

There are times when obedience to God provokes the anger of powerful people.  Such is the case in today’s scripture reading.  King Balak “hired” Balaam for a job that Balaam could not perform and remain obedient to God.

Are we convinced that the gifts of our heavenly Father are superior to any rewards offered by others?  Do we value the approval of our God above the accolades of kings of this world?

It is a rare man or woman who cannot be bossed; and cannot be bought by the “kings” of this world.  Are you one of them?  – Luther

(Note: The scripture above is a small portion of an account that, if read in full, will provide a more complete picture of the situation involving Balak and Balaam.  To read the whole story, begin with Numbers 22 and read through the end of Chapter 24.)

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