“Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”  (Hebrews 2:18, NIV)

Empathy = “‘Been there. Done that’ — and reaching back to help others traveling the same road.”

The cost of empathy is always a personal one, which is why it resonates in a way that “informed” but “inexperienced” advice and presence cannot.

As the architect of humanity, Jesus was certainly informed of the human condition; but without becoming fully human Himself, it is like being the designer of a house, but never living within the house of one’s own  design.  Living in the human condition is different than being informed of it.

When you endure hardship, know that there is One who has walked in your shoes Who is able to help you live through the difficulty; and also know that you are becoming the one who, like Jesus, is able to empathize with others in their distress.  It is a gift.  – Luther

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